Do you know what is your style?
To know this you don’t have to take a long test or quiz
Remember it is never complicated unless you make it. Let us suggest you some styles which you can implement in your daily styles.

Let’s begin with work outfits. Must have wardrobe essentials is to have a button front blouse and matching dress pant, jewelry, and accessories. Now just add some style to the blouse (like, select a blouse with polka dots or some printed designs).

Invest in your suite, that’s an impression maker it makes you look confident in interviews or meetings.

These are some sample work styles which will help you stay in style and fashion.
Every day we wake up with a confusion about what to wear? We are here to help you with WORK STYLES get your daily style advice and end your confusion.
Here comes for the party styles, finding your fashion & style to a party is easy. Follow a simple technique and that is to stay on trend. Now, ‘off shoulders’ or ‘one shoulder’ are trendy and don’t forget to wear contrasting shoes on it. That’s beauty for a party outfit.

For more party outfit advice login to PARTY STYLES and stay in trend. We address every occasion and keep you in trend.

Lastly, let’s see how can we be fashionable & style in travel outfits.

Let me tell you a little secret about the travel outfit and it is ……….. ‘Comfort’. Yes, travel is all about comfort. Let me show you some sample travel outfit ideas.

A romper is rated as the most brought outfit and comfortable while travel.

Get more travel outfit ideas from TRAVEL STYLES we show the best ideas to travel in.

Before I conclude, Fashion is all about staying in style and trend.

11 thoughts on “WHAT IS MY FASHION STYLE?”

  1. Budstyle is all me for sure! As a mom of 8 my own style is whatever is on sale. My kiddos are the ones with all the swagger these days. While mom looks like she stepped out a thrift store clearance.

  2. I love this! There are so many great looks here. Right now my go-to is my favorite white ripped jeans and whatever shirt works at the time. 😉 Today it was a blue dress shirt and black blazer with white shoes. Last weekend it was a black shirt with gold touches. I may have to try this out. Thanks for the info!

  3. “Fashion is all about staying in style and trend”. Yh that’s not true. Fashion is having a person style that expresses you as a person not ‘staying in trend’.

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