“To really boost your sense of self-efficiency, think of ways you could modify your usual tasks to suit your personal style” – Martha Beck

We know many spend lot of time in deciding what to wear daily to work?  we are here to give you those precious minutes from STYLKWIK.

I wonder what would you like do in those 20mins? maybe exercise?  exercise will make you look joyful so be prepared to look swanky in Business Casual with a colorful blouse, trendy skirt, attractive shoes, and accessories.

Or would you just sit and relax having a cup of coffee? it might make you look relaxed so try Smart Casual Business Attire with a blazer, dress pant, blouse, closed toe shoes and stylish accessories?

Or will you have a small playtime with your kid? Then you look excited so try Traditional attire with Business shirt, skirt stockings, heel shoes, and accessories.

We would love to hear more from you. Share how you spent your morning’s without worrying about the outfits.

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