How to dress fashionably?

A common question which always comes to mind when we hear the word fashion.

Many said they love to follow the Celebrity styles.

Some said they love the trend like the Bohemian, Street, 50’s, Artsy styles

So now we were confused, how can we bring all the different styles in our daily lives?

Finally, we made efforts to bring all the styles in one place for 3 different reasons.

No.1- Work. We work weekly 5 days so that’s our topmost priority.

Always prefer to be simple and classy in work outfits. Are you still not sure about the color combinations?  let me give a small tip choose a dual color blouse and match it with less prominent color like above white & black lines blouse and I have selected black skirt and finishing is a must, make sure to match your bottom with shoes and top with the earrings.
Bring all your confusions to an end WORK STYLES are meant to give you perfect solutions every day to work.
No.2 Party, weekly we party at least 2 days in a week so our next priority is a party style.

This is something most closer to 50’s fashion style. A rose gold color the most trending color now. But if you need more party outfit ideas PARTY STYLES is the best stop to try.
No.3 Travel, we plan, spend & enjoy travel. This is last but not least.

Bohemian style, travel in comfortable outfits.
For more options try TRAVEL STYLES.

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