“I continue to amaze myself with how quickly I can get ready after oversleeping”- Anonymous

Enjoy the oversleep, with STYLKWIK tips and get ready quick.

Be KWIK (quick) to look enticing in Business Casual attire with long sleeve blouse, knee length skirt, good looking shoes, and fashionable accessories.

Be KWIK (quick) to look comely in Traditional attire with button front blouse, dress pant, solid color blazer and accessorize with classic looking accessories and closed toe shoes.

Be KWIK (quick) styling beauteous in Casual Business attire with linen pant, long sleeves blouse, casual looking mules and matching accessories.


  1. I would take a moment to appreciate the collection on the website. Very informative as well. Way to go

  2. I love these outfit choices! I know all too well what its like to jump up and go and clothing like this is perfect. Throw Your Hair In A Messy Bun, Little perfume, Quick Makeup And Your Good Too go! 😉 great suggestions.

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